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The World’s Largest Tip Day

How can I show some love for my favorite beauty and grooming services providers and help keep us all safe so we can continue to Shelter in Place?

We’re so glad that you asked.  Please stay at home and shelter in place. You can show your love by supporting The World’s Largest Tip Day on May 1, 2020 and send your favorite hairstylist, barber, nail technician, aesthetician or other beauty and grooming services providers a tip. The amount is totally up to you and you would send it directly to them.

As you know, several states are reopening salons, placing the talented professionals in the beauty services industry in harm’s way. Many in the industry are the sole providers for their families. Some of them are in a difficult position because they cannot afford to ask clients to stay home for their safety, although they know it’s the right thing to do. Unlike many who are now working remotely and making a living, when we are not able to work, we are not generating any income. The World’s Largest Tip Day is a great way to help sustain the industry that is so important to millions of people worldwide who count on us to look and feel their best.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been such a very humbling experience.  Like so many other service industries, many beauty and grooming services providers are struggling to take care of the basic needs for their families. Many will not qualify for state unemployment benefits, the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, various grants and privately funded loans or additional funding the government has planned.  We came up with The World’s Largest Tip Day after conversations with others in our industry and feeling helpless about the current situation.  Now we are excited to do something that helps our industry peers worldwide who may be struggling with whether to take the risk to reopen or stay closed and stay safe. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had clients who either sent money via Zelle or Cash App out of the blue. Some sent a note, some did not. When asked why they sent it, there were some heartwarming replies, like “For every time you stayed late or came early or squeezed me in to accommodate me, I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you!’”

Many of the people in the industry won’t and don’t ask for help. If you ask how we are doing, most will respond “I’m Good.” We are used to extending a hand in our communities to help others when in need.  So we’re asking for your help for them. 

Let’s tell them “thank you” and make May 1, The World’s Largest Tip Day, a huge success!
You may be able to pay for your full services or may offer to pay in advance for future services.  We’re sure that any amount will be appreciated.  And if you cannot afford to send them anything, that’s okay, too.  You can also give them a call or text just to check on them.  Share this message on your social media outlets or with someone who might pour into them the way they have poured into you.  


Help us make The World’s Largest Tip Day go viral and tell the industry that we love and the people who have been keeping you on point from head to toe, “thank you!”


       Santha Dulaney Hughes       Bredetta Kendricks           Chloe' Kendricks 

                Aesthetician                          Nail Technician             Aesthetician & Nail Designer         

We want to give a special thanks to Michelle Flowers-Welch, Founder & CEO of Flowers Communications Group. With an open heart she has helped to make this possible. As she has said, “Let’s get to the other side, Stronger. Kinder. Better”. 


Love you  

Bredetta, Santha, and Chloe’ 



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